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We’re your one-stop shop for your Estate Needs – whether you are moving or liquidating an entire estate, we can provide a variety of services to fit your needs. We’ll work with you to design a plan that best suits your needs.

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ESTATE/TAG SALE: FIRST RULE: Don’t throw anything out! What you may consider unsellable may be the opposite. Yes, do get rid of medications, expired or open food products and old paint cans. . It’s best to let us talk to you first and see what you have before you throw anything else away. Clothing, accessories, household items, towels and linens DO sell, so don’t pack them up for charity before you talk to us! We encourage the family to determine what they want and take it off the property or pack them away before we arrive. Things like important documents and family heirlooms and pictures cannot be replaced. A full house sale will attract the most buyers, although, we have done smaller sales when there are not a lot of items.

Generally, sales are held over two days – with the second day being the discount day. Smaller sales are done in a single day with discounts given in the afternoon of the sale. For super large sales, we will add a third day We need as much lead time as possible to give your sale the optimum attention. I don’t overbook, so calling us way in advance will give us more booking date options and allow us to advertise!. Don’t wait until you sell your house! Call us before so we can help you plan your liquidation.

CHARITABLE PREPARATION - Our sales include an optional service of arranging and preparing the left over items for charity. There is a small fee for this, but most of our clients feel it is well worth it. We spend our time instead of you and our service does not require you to lift a finger. Some charities require you to move your furniture from the basement or second floor and to pack all of your items up for them to consider your donation. We come in, pack up the unsold items, arrange and meet the charity and stay with them as they remove items. You receive the charitable donation letter for your taxes! If you decide not to have an estate sale, we can give you a quote on meeting the charity and providing this same service. It takes the hassle out of calling different charities and moving the furniture and packing the items yourself, AND you don’t have to wait at home for them to arrive! We meet and stay with the charity through the whole process!

TOTAL CLEAN OUTS: Face it – Charity doesn’t want everything! They won’t take mattresses, magazines, and things in disrepair. These things normally don’t sell (although we have been surprised in the past!). What’s left has to be disposed of. We do offer complete clean out service of the property – which includes removal and disposal of these items. We cannot take hazardous material (asbestos, chemicals, etc.) but for the most part, we do a pretty good job of getting rid of most everything. Usually this involves a dumpster and hiring muscles – but it’s done in short order and your house is cleaned out and ready to prepare for your listing!

REAL ESTATE PREPARATION FOR SALE: This service is most advantageous when you are liquidating the estate of a loved one and have to empty a house. It usually comes after an estate sale – where we have removed all the clutter. We can give you suggestions on how to improve the sale-ability of your property with minimal outlay. A fresh coat of paint, carpet shampooing, and minor repairs sometimes can make the difference of a quick sale and your property lingering on the market. We will work with you to maximize your property appeal for a quick turn over. We organize the upgrades and monitor the progress of the contractors. We work for you so you don’t have to. If you’re out of the area or State, this is especially important.

CURB APPEAL – One of the most important aspects of selling your property is how it looks from the outside. The curb appeal can make or break a sale. Whether you are doing a complete house clean out or just need someone to come in and spruce up the outside to make it more desirable, we’re able to help. Doing some minor landscaping, painting a railing or two, or washing down your siding can all enhance your property. Call for a consultation. . It’s FREE!

THOROUGH CLEANING AFTER YOU SELL YOUR HOME. You sold your house and you moved out your stuff. The final walk through is coming and a good thorough cleaning is in order! But who wants to spend time in the old place?? You want to be setting up your new home – what a hassle! I can give you a quote on the complete cleaning of your home, including floor washing, scrubbing the sinks, tubs and toilet, and vacuuming. I pride myself on my cleaning ability. . We’ll get it looking presentable, or, if you want more, we’ll give you a quote for that!


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