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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I plan an estate sale?

So, let me give ya some advice . . .
In the event you are planning to move or are liquidating a loved one’s estate, a sale is an option you should consider. It is best to call us before you list your property with a realtor so we can help you de- clutter and minimize your work. The Realtor will suggest you move things out to make your property more attractive. We suggest you call us first. A sale will reduce the clutter and will make presenting your property easier. Our clients have found that having a sale gave them the funds to cover minor improvements or to pay closing costs. If you are already listed, we work with your Realtor and promote your property at the sale –it is a good opportunity for interested buyers to see your home!

Should I clean out things before I call you?

O! Do not throw out anything! The saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” couldn’t be more true when it comes to an estate sale. Things that you think would not sell actually often are sought after. Do remove medications or expired or open food products, as these cannot be sold. We also do not sell guns or incendiary items (such as fireworks). We can give you a contact for gun disposal or sale if needed.

Why should I hire someone to conduct an estate sale for me?

While you can conduct your own estate sale, you should take into consideration the time it takes for set up and for the sale itself and your emotional attachment to the items that are to be sold. The latter is especially difficult if you are liquidating the household of a departed family member. We encourage the families to go through and take items that were of special significance to them and of course retain all family pictures and important documents. If we see these items during set up, we will check with you first to make sure you want to sell the item. It’s easy to overlook them! We have a great deal of experience in pricing and displaying and have a customer following that will enhance your sale. I will work with your real estate agent to promote the property during the sale

I live out of State or not in the area of the property – how do you handle these situations?

When we say we are your “one stop shop for your estate needs” we mean it! We work with out of area family and estate executors to complete the job without a hassle. We provide our full estate sale services and keep in constant contact , keeping you advised of our progress. We gladly will work with your realtor, power of attorney, or executor to complete the liquidation/clean out of the property in a professional manner. Other clients have found this service invaluable, eliminating the need for their constant travel to the property during the liquidation/clean out process. We do it all – no headaches – no worries for you!

What services are included when we sign up for an estate or tag sale?

Miss 50s Inc will meet with you and review what you would like to include in a sale to make a determination if conducting a sale will be advantageous to you. There is never a charge for a site visit and consultation. Once you have signed an agreement, we will schedule the sale, we will organize all of your items, display the items and price the items and take pictures and list your sale on estatesales.net for optimal exposure. We will conduct your sale with the utmost respect to your property and leave your home in orderly fashion.

What happens to the items that do not sell?

Not everything sells at a sale. This is to be expected. There are several options that Miss 50’s Inc. offers – one of which is leaving the items in place for your disposal or if you want to liquidate. We also offer preparation and meeting of charity to remove most of the remaining items. There is a slight charge for this; however, most of our clients feel that it is well worth it! In the end, the homeowner receives a letter for tax purposes for the charitable donation. The fee is deducted from your estate sale payout. Not all items are taken by charity, however, and some things may be left to dispose of by the homeowner. If a total clean out is in order (dumpsters involved, etc) – we also can give you an individual quote for your particular needs.

Do you offer any other services besides Estate or Tag Sales?

Yes, we offer real estate pre-listing property preparation, minor updating or renovation of your property, final clean up before the final walk through. “Curb appeal” service to increase the interest in your property, total clean out of property . . . see our “services” page for details.

How much notice do I have to give to schedule a sale?

We book quickly, especially during the summer, so as much notice as possible is required. We would like a minimum of 3 weeks for a normal sale – large sales require more time. The more notice we get, the more preparation time we have to devote to your sale and optimize its success.

How do I arrange a consultation?

You can call me at 708 476 9054 or email to j21957@aol.com to set up a FREE consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.


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